Through an immersive business advisory partnership with Mike Jenkins.

The future of Aotearoa belongs to those who have the courage to step outside the bounds of convention; those data and digital natives who are willing to challenge, be decisive, bold and innovative.

As an experienced Tech Founder, Multi-national Tech executive and Board Member, I understand the seemingly impossible task that is looking over the horizon, strategising for the future while maintaining accountability for board sentiment, your mahi whanau's engagement, customer impact and of course the financial results.

Mike Jenkins and his team of resident experts at Native Data; lead with heart, passion and empowerment.

Taking a data driven lens to get intimate with your business, measuring current state and trajectory against business goals, then refining strategy & executing as your co-pilot of business success.

About Mike Jenkins

Mike Jenkins Understands The Pressure Of Hyper Scale Growth, Digital Disruption, Mergers and Acquisition & Leading through adversity

Through a partnership with “MJ” – you’ll get the clarity you need and re-discover your fire, identify where you can be the most potent and focus on the mahi that matters while working through a balance of the fizz AND the important “unsexy stuff” that will deliver the sexy numbers to keep your team, customers, board and shareholders content.

If you’ve got your finger on the pulse, most successful CEOs and executives still have a nagging feeling that sales performance, customer experience, and loyalty could be better, but aren’t sure where things are falling through the cracks. That gut feel is usually bang on.

My commitment is to invest alongside you to build a level of intimacy with your business and key leaders, then work with you and your empowered team to help reinforce your gut feel with tangible data and proven patterns, shore up the cracks, safeguard what you’ve built, and assist to accelerate to the next level of growth with confidence.

No 3-ring binders, death by PowerPoint or vanilla motivational coaching. Just real talk and action, built on 15 years of experience translating to immersive advisory services from an experienced Founder, CEO and Director.

I believe in empowerment, execution and culture over currency.
Change takes longer than you think.

In the end, fortune will side with those that are prepared to be brave, dare to dream, challenge the status quo and disrupt.
Mike Jenkins, 2013

Whether you ARE a Founder, CEO, Executive or Director, you've worked hard to get this fa

Regardless of where you are on your business journey, I can provide a clear path forward



Take the mystery out of knowing what’s working (and what’s not)

We drill down to the essentials of what you need to do business better, then work hand in hand with your teams to implement and iterate.

Clear Plans

Double down on strengths and shore up weak spots

Simple Processes

Get buy in from all your teams on daily tasks that amplify efforts

Growth Multipliers

Know which levers to pull in critical growth areas

I Love delivering Epic Results, Working on shit that matters alongside passionate & Talented great humans

That’s why I work exclusively with CEO’s, business owners, executives and boards with the right vibe and a growth mindset.

Whether your an established business looking for a digital native fresh and new perspective, a startup or agency looking to challenge the status quo or a business leader that knows your team and business was destined for more, let’s talk.


As much as MJ loves working alongside business leaders, he loves To TALK and share his own experiences for the benefit of others.

Recommended By Tech And Business Leaders alike, MJ has delivered His unique blend Of Hard Hitting Facts, Learnings, Humour, Stories And Challenging Topics in rooms, Virtually and stages Across The Globe at events from graduation speeches to tech and business conferences, company kick offs and everything in between.

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