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The future of Aotearoa belongs to those who have the courage to step outside the bounds of convention; to be bold and innovative

As an experienced executive and director I know that it’s bloody hard to simultaneously be looking over the horizon and strategising for the future while being accountable for the financial results and keeping up with your team and board of directors demands today.

You hold the pen to write the exciting new chapter in your businesses legacy and have the unique market opportunity to deliver

But you’re unsure if you have the right leaders in the right positions or even whether the key members of your whanau are focussed on the right business priorities to make the waka go faster.

You are personally being dragged back into a “BAU” operational tempo with your remaining energy while trying to keep your head above water reacting to these ever changing times as opposed to working on the high impact mahi.


Mike Jenkins Understands Infinite big Game Pressure

Through a partnership with MJ – you’ll re-discover your fire, identify where you can be the most potent and focus on the mahi that matters while working through a balance of the important “unsexy stuff” that will deliver the consistently hot numbers.

I’ll work alongside you and your empowered team to help reinforce your gut feel with tangible data and proven patterns, shore up the cracks, safeguard what you’ve built, and assist to accelerate to the next level with confidence.
No 3-ring binders, death by PowerPoint, vanilla motivational training, or shiny new tools needed. Just intimate and immersive advisory services from an experienced Founder, CEO and Director.

More About MJ

Proudly Ngāti Raukawa; Mike was born in Wellington and raised in the mighty Waikato. Following a University Degree and postgraduate study in Auckland and Portsmouth and a professional career with IBM and Cisco on both sides of the Tasman, Mike founded The Instillery (www.TheInstillery.com) on independence day 2013.

Following rapid growth supported by the execution of a strategic merger & acquisition plan including Vo2, Origin IT & most recently TwoBlackLabs – The Instillery is now widely recognised as Aotearoa’s disruptive leader in Cloud & Next Generation IT Managed Services.

After 9 years at the helm, Mike handed the reins of The Instillery to a new CEO and successfully exited as a board member and director in March 2022 to pursue an exciting new chapter through his new start up “Native Data Advisory” focussed on supporting the next generation of kiwi tech founders to take on the world as well as the traditional global players and leaders to reimagine and execute impactful change to disrupt themselves.

Along with Mike’s personal collection of accolades including his confirmation as New Zealand CEO of the year at the Westpac Waikato Business Awards, Emerging leader of the year at the Aotearoa New Zealand CIO Awards, The Instillery was officially recognized as the fastest-growing privately-owned tech business and one of the ERNEST & YOUNG 10 Rising Star companies to watch in the 2021 Technology Investment (TIN) awards

Feedback & Reviews

Mike continues to deliver for the Executives and Directors her works alongside and has been recognised most recently as CEO of the year at the 2021 Westpac Business Awards

Mike is an excellent business executive who always understand his clients business needs and their priorities. He will go the extra miles to support his clients and colleagues.

Mike can also “read people’s mind” due to his highly developed emotional intelligence. I never had to say more than a few words for us to get a common understanding on any issues. That’s what enables Mike to remove barriers and close sales engagements quickly.

Rusdy Krisman

IBM Aotearoa NZ

Mike joined IBM as a Grad fresh out of Uni. Within less than a year, Mike was managing critical large Enterprise and Government clients and out performing his entire Australasian team.

I would highly recommend Mike – he’s in a class of his own! 

I would have him back leading my team in a heartbeat however I suspect in years to come, I will be working for him…

Verdon Kelliher

Vice President, Gentrack

Love what you do
and do what you love.

Committing to doing something new, forging a new path, raging against the machine requires a
level of drive, determination and passion that is impossible to fake. 

I genuinely believe that when your heart is ALL IN – everything is possible.

Mike Jenkins

Director Native Data

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